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That was very cute, and funny, made me chuckle, great job

Super great! Loved it, thought it was really clever and funny! Congrats. The simplicity of the design makes it really charming!

I was hoping someone would make a game like this! 10/10 did not disappoint! :)

Thanks for all of your comments. It means a lot!

Haha very funny! I liked it! 

I like the game a lot, but its imposseable to manage more than 2 mecanics at the same time

so true

You get surprisingly good at keeping an eye on all four after having playtested it so many times. :P

Yeah maybe

Great idea, I would defenetly play for a few more hours. I love meta games like this.

I love it.


What a charming game! Great job!

This is too much. I can't handle the satire. It's too good.

This is really great :)


Playing it feels like watching an episode of Extra Credits, Only difference is that I get to participate in it


I think this is the best game of this jam, you made a perfect combination of the theme, jokes and a challenge

This game is funny! just clicking everything! like it!

This was pretty awesome! (per second) good interpretation of the theme, my highscore was a little more than 8k